Our Wyoming Life is an entertainment company and lifestyle brand founded by Mike & Erin Galloway, who began their marriage in corporate America and now manage a ranch and farm in Northeast Wyoming. Delivering content 7 days a week across multiple platforms, their combined YouTube channels have over 250,000 subscribers and 48 million total views.

Founders Mike & Erin host Our Wyoming Life's flagship YouTube channel along with a Live Talk Show called Beyond the Ranch. They also host podcasts, attend personal appearances, share their lives and experiences on Facebook and Instagram and are industry leaders in agricultural advocacy.


Mike and Erin bring you along to explore the ranch life and escape your ordinary on their YouTube channel "Our Wyoming Life".
Take a ride around the ranch, learn what it takes to bring food to your table, find out about new and exciting tools and live the life of a farmer in Northeast Wyoming.

On the first and third Sunday of each month, at exactly 6pm, you can come sit in with Mike & Erin as they bring you behind the scenes of the farm and ranch. Hear and see what never made it into videos and get a candid look at how they get by day to day. Best of all, ask questions in real time and interact with what is going on with hundreds of subscribers just like you.


Do you care where your food comes from and how it gets from the farm or ranch to your table? Mike Galloway, founder of 'Our Wyoming Life', one of the largest social media brands in agriculture today, takes you on a weekly journey to not only where your food comes from but also the families and businesses behind getting food to your table. Whether you are an advocate of agriculture, farming and ranching or just want to learn more we invite you to come along for the ride. You never know where the trail may take you!

Both Mike & Erin are available to speak at your event, no matter what it may be. From corporate retreats to graduation ceremonies, you can count on them to give a speech that will not only inspire but give participants a whole new way to look at their goals in life. Mike can take you down a road that leads from the military to a corporate career in radio, back to the roots of a family ranch, and Erin can bring it all home with a touch of charm that will pull at your heartstrings. Available both in person and in virtual settings.

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