Mike Galloway
Creator of Our Wyoming Life, hit You Tube Series & Social Media Brand
Agricultural Advocate • Speaker• Rancher • Content Creator


Mike Galloway is a rancher and farmer. He and his wife, Erin, are also creators of the largest You Tube and social media brand in the State of Wyoming.

Mike was born and raised in the city and after a stint in the military, Mike went on to become a popular radio DJ. At one time his syndicated radio program was broadcast on 208 radio stations nationwide.

This led to a career in radio management and a position as the Vice President of Operations with a prominent east coast based radio group. It was there that he met his wife, not knowing that soon both of their lives would be turned upside down.

Shortly after they married, Erin’s step-father, who owned and operated a ranch in Wyoming fell ill. Mike and Erin both quit their corporate jobs of almost 20 years. They then went to the Wyoming ranch, with no experience to help run the family ranch.

Now they have 3 children. They spend their time raising their family, ranching, farming and spreading the word of agriculture. They strive to bring the consumer closer to the producer and
showcase the families behind the food that shows up in the grocery store.

Our Wyoming Life chronicles the good and the bad of managing a ranch and managing a massive change in their lives.

Mike’s emphasis on the importance of agriculture is a wonderful tool for success, he is an amazing motivator and an asset to our program.

-Jennifer Steffy, FFA Advisor

His message is not only inspiring but also relatable. I wasn't sure going into it but by the time he was done speaking I knew how all of our stories are intertwined and how we can help each other.

- Gary Sauders

Mike has a unique way of storytelling that not only entertains but delivers a message that is easy to relate to, even in corporate America.

-Dave Rush, RJ Reynolds Ret.

Speaking Topics

•  Finding your dream in the strangest of places

Occasionally we are all put in a situation that we may not have plannedon in our lives.  Mike talks about his journey, leaving what he thought was his dream job for what was his calling and greatest opportunity.

•  Where is your food really coming from?

Knowing your food doesn’t come from the grocery store isn’t a joke anymore.  Mike breaks down where your food comes from in real life.

•  From boardroom, to ranch, and back

Mike takes lessons that he learned on the ranch that he wishes he would have knownwhile working in corporate America.  From managing change to time management, the simplest of solutions are sometimes the most effective.

•  Effective communications, saying what you mean

After producing and hosting over 500 video vignettes about agriculture, Mike is no stranger to backlash, backfires and retaliation.  Through compelling and powerful storytelling he has reached 20 million viewers and conveyed a message in an easy way that  he will share with you.

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