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Our meat is raised right here on the ranch, and every day it’s our responsibility to present the best meat for your table. Our cattle are black and red Angus, our pigs are Berkshire and Yorkshire, and all of our animals are grass-fed and grain-finished. Grain adds the marbling and flavor to the meat that we have all recognized. In addition, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your meat is raised humanely, with no antibiotics, growth hormones, or stimulants. In short, you know where your food comes from, and you can experience the ranch for yourself.

Each shipment of beef or pork must fall between 8 to 12 lbs.  We require this to keep shipping and packaging costs down.  Each cut has a weight listed and the checkout system will help you build a package within the 8-12 lb specification. You can place as many seperate orders as you would like.

Because of USDA regulations, we can only ship beef and pork within the United States. We can ship to all 50 states, but foreign countries require their inspection facilities and processes that we cannot do.

All of our packages are designed to fit in a 12x12x12 box. Each contains about 10 pounds of beef and pork and 10 pounds of packaging material, including the box, insulated liner, and dry ice. We ship beef on Mondays and Tuesdays via UPS 2 Day Air. This ensures that your meat will arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, even if there is a delay. Dry ice and the liner are used to make sure your meat arrives frozen.

Meat prices are higher online than they are in our on-site Farm Store. If you can visit us locally, we encourage you to do so. Online prices include the cost of the packing materials and handling.

Shipping cost depends on where you are shipping your meat to. UPS figures shipping based on time zones and distance from Wyoming. We do not control shipping costs and pass this on to the customer as accurately as possible.

Unfortunately, due to the rapid increase in demand, our inventory does not support the sale of whole or halves of cows at this time.  If you are interested in more extensive packages, we encourage you to visit our farm store for bulk deals. Bring a cooler. We are unable to ship bulk beef and pork due to cost restrictions.

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